Female ‘ere ibeji’ figure
Yoruba, Igbomina from Offa
9.4” tall
ex Zemanek (88th Tribal Art Auction)
ex private collection, Berlin, Germany

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Ibeji figures aren’t something I actively collect. I have a great appreciation for some of the beautiful ones, but in general
they’re not an aesthetic that I really connect with, especially the ones with more bulbous eyes. I tend to like atypical and
unusual ones which is exactly what drew me to this specific figure which is very unique ibeji figure in a rare style. The
figure is very cubist in form with lots of great triangular forms starting with the triangular nose and eyebrows, which are
also complimented by the triangular shape of the ears when viewed from a quarter-angle. From a profile view the
downward triangular shape of the breasts is complimented by the upward triangular shape of the butt. However, the
figure is almost best viewed from the back in my opinion. The triangular negative spaces between the arms and the
slender body flank the wonderful triangular shape of the torso. The triangular negative space between the legs mirrors
the triangular torso section directly above. It is adorned with many great old beads, the most interesting of which are
very tiny slender disc-shaped strands that are found on the right arm and right leg.