20” tall x 13.5” wide
(50.8cm tall x 34.3 cm wide)
Ex private US collection
Mid 20th century

The mask has an articulated jaw and one
section where it connected via the
rubber tie was broken. I had Amyas
Nagele repair that section and further
stabilize the crack in the middle which
has an indigenous repair with a leather
or rubber strap. I also had him make a
nice mount for it. It’s a large and
imposing mask with a lot of character.
There are large holes on the top of the
mask where things were inserted. I
would have liked to see it in its original
context when it was used.


Sold with a custom mount made by
Amyas Nagele in NY.
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These very large masks among the Ibibio aren't as common as some of the smaller ones,
and some much larger than this one.

The photo below is for reference and there is a link to a mask in the UCL Ethnographic Collection in similar size with similar
features as the one I am offering.
Link to a mask in the UCL Ethnographic Collection with additional information:
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